Best 7 Passenger Crossover Vehicles

Many people ask what is a Crossover vehicle. The crossover is a vehicle designed for people who could use the size of a minivan without wanting the carbon footprint left by a full sized SUV.

Most 7 passenger crossover vehicles provide the driver with enough space to transport 7 passengers and the groceries or soccer equipment.

These vehicles provide the high volume seating and look of an SUV while riding like a car. Automakers recognized that merely needing to transport more passengers shouldn’t mean giving up on comfort. The car like ride comes from the sedan like uni-body construction of the SUV.

7 passenger crossover vehicles also provide better gas mileage which is very appealing to the eco-conscious consumer. Overall these vehicles provide better handling and comfort than the SUV, more passenger and cargo room than the car and hipper styling than the minivan.

No wonder they’re becoming so popular.

So, now that you know you want one you’ve discovered there are a lot of them out there. How do you choose the right 7 passenger crossover vehicle for you.

Nissan Juke

If a lower price is the most important feature, you might consider the Nissan Juke, around $19,000 or the Kia Sportage, around $18,500. Both have advantages besides the price.

The Juke offers some of the most unique styling available in a CUV. In addition to the Juke’s style factor all wheel drive is available, it has a very good performance rating and excellent handling.

The downside is that there is limited headroom for passengers in the third seat. If you are more inclined to carry cargo than 7 passengers, this may be the choice for you.

The Sportage is stylish, offers some premium features, fun to drive and puts the controls in easy reach for the driver. Unfortunately, this CUV offers less cargo space and can be a very stiff ride.

Mazda CX9

If you are inclined to pay more for your 7 passenger crossover vehicle, you may want to consider either the Mazda CX 9, around $27,000 or the Toyota Highlander, around $28,000. Both offer fuel efficient V6 engines. The Highlander offers excellent handling and comfort, but provides less space for cargo and passengers than other models of this size.

The CX 9 provides plenty of passenger space and cargo space, with enough headroom for adults in the third seat. This model is also fun to drive, but is a much firmer ride which reduces the comfort level.

The best advice for choosing the 7 passenger crossover vehicle for you and your family, is to determine which features mean the most and then test drive.

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