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Mitsubishi Outlander Review

July 8, 2011

Mitsubishi Outlander Review

This particular Mitsubishi comes in four models, the ES, SE, XLS and of course the GT, of which they all come in standard front wheel drive, with optional all wheel. The Outlander came out in 2010 but it goes some extra modifications in 2011. The new version comes with good braking system; very nimble, and appealing for reviewers and car enthusiasists, who acclaim its safety.

After going through a series of extensive test drives and comparison with some of the most appealing small sporty SUVs in the market, the 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander acquires substantial qualities; owing mainly to its large cargo space. A lot of car buyers value the small sleek types of SUV and this one seems to gain reasonable attention among reviewers. The looks are average, for the most part, the price is right, and in addition, the fuel economy is reasonable. This makes it stand out among a pool of competing SUVs.

This particular vehicle manages to get some good reviews on performance, the ride and balancing gaining high points. A lot of reviewers also approve of the decent fuel economy, which is always a winner when it comes Sport Utility Vehicles. The downside to its performance is mostly the slow four cylinder engine, which reviewers complain slow pick up speed. The new version comes with a 2.4 liter, 168hp, with a four cylinder engine. The test drives reveal that the engine is rather sluggish, and the additional horsepower may have a negative effect on fuel economy, but it hasn’t been determined though.


The mean look really makes it stand out when compared to the average looking SUVs in the market. The aggressive looks give it a lot of character.


Anyone needing cargo space wouldn’t be disappointed because it comes with ample space and a third row seat for the kids or extra passengers. The vehicle doesn’t get a lot more reviews on the interior apart from the extra space. There are quite a number of complaints about the seats being uncomfortable, and that the interior itself looks rather cheap.


It gets a 9.4 mark with the insurance industry on safety, which also means the federal government gives it a decent score. The safety equipments are quite standard, with a wide range of equipment to secure the driver and the passengers including a unique Electronic Stability Program.


The 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander scores an average when it comes to reliability, which isn’t much of a flop because few SUVs pass the average mark in reliability. Generally, the performance, safety and the interior seem to determine how successful the vehicle gets. Its also very dependable as it can go up to 60,000 miles or 4-5 years which is a guarantee.