Top 5 – 7 passenger vehicles

Looking for a car that can fit the whole family plus your children’s soccer teammates, classmates, and boy scout troop. The market for seven passenger vehicles has grown immensely over the past decade.

Families have resorted to purchasing larger vehicles instead of using multiple vehicles to the transport the whole family. Today almost every car manufacture produces 7 passenger vehicles, whether it a van or sport utility vehicle ranging from the economically efficient to the ultra luxurious.

Ford Explorer

Kicking off our list is the fun and affordable Ford Explorer. In its fourth generation the Explorer is a well balanced sports utility vehicle for the multi-use owner. The lowest trim comes with a fuel efficient six cylinder engine producing 237 horsepower. The newest addition to the Explorer family is a 2.0 L eco booster engine producing the same amount of horsepower but using thiry percent less fuel.

Ford offers several trims including leather interior, satellite radio, and heated seats. Starting under twenty five thousand the Explorer is a great car for a reasonable price. The Ford Explorer is the most customizable 7 passenger vehicle on our list but it does not top the list.

Honda Pilot

Foreign cars continue to amaze consumers and the same is true for the Honda Pilot. The Pilot comes in a two wheel and all wheel drive trims. Since is launch in 2003 the Pilot has been rated among the top SUV’s for safety and fuel efficiency.

A standard variable cylinder system allows the car to automatically turn off cylinders during highway driving in order to save fuel.

Honda offers a comprehensive maintenance plan on all new vehicles however all Hondas are known for their longevity and low cost maintenance. The Honda Pilot also comes with leather appointed interior and a laundry list of extras all for around thirty thousand.

Toyota Highlander

Next on our list is the small but mighty Toyota Highlander. Also in its seventh year of production the Toyota Highlander comes with a 4 or 6 cylinder fuel efficient engine. Unlike the previous vehicles on our list, the Highlander also has a hybrid model for environmentally friendly driving.

One downfall the styling Toyota is the back two seats are small and provide little leg room for adults, however children fit quite nicely in the retractable seats. Highlanders are branded with the knowledge of care free maintenance and years of low cost driving. Toyota Highlander combines fuel efficiency with enough room for seven.

Chevrolet Tahoe

The largest seven passenger vehicle on our list is the Chevrolet Tahoe. Looking for comfort and hauling power well the Tahoe fulfills both requirements and more.

Being the largest SUV means having the largest engine, the standard eight cylinder combustion engine puts out 320 horsepower and enough torque to tow 8500 pounds. In addition the Tahoe can be equipped with a Hybrid engine which achieves twenty miles per gallon on the highway.

Chevrolet Tahoe carries a hefty price tag of fifty thousand. Of course the hundreds of standard features and roominess of the cabin deserve a equally expensive price. Although pricey, the Tahoe is a incredible vehicle with unparrelled performance.

Toyota Sienna

Topping our list of best 7 passenger vehicles is the minivan with charisma Toyota Sienna. Yes you read correctly the Toyota Sienna is the best 7 passenger vehicle because of its fuel efficiency, comfortable cabin, and the most standard and optional features in the class.

The Sienna also has the lowest base price at just above twenty thousand. Sienna fits seven with two ultra comfy captain chairs up front and in the rear followed by a spacious third row bench seat.

Also the Sienna seats fold down and can be removed easily for extra space. The van does not have all the bells and whistles but standard safety features including side curtain air bags and anti lock breaks insures a safe ride for all passengers. Toyota Sienna can carry the family and friends efficiently and comfortably.

The top five 7 passenger vehicles have a variety of positives and negatives. However these vehicles are more than the normal SUV or minivan, they allow owners to save on fuel cost, make towing and haul easier, and provide ample space for seven passengers. It was hard to choose the order since they are all great vehicles!

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